Creativity is not enough. To be effective, video content must be grounded in strategic thinking.

Example Image Our goal is to maximize the ROI of your budget with a team that is able to create solid video production strategies, with demographic driven, brand appropriate content, that is well thought through.

To support your video success we also offer:


  • 1. Landing Pages with Video
  • 2. Google Video Adwords
  • 3. Video Analytics
  • 4. Customer Journey Analysis
  • 5. Campaign Distribution Strategies
  • 6. Business Consulting from Data Analysis
  • 7. Social Media Marketing Review
  • 8. Software for Client Satisfaction


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Creativity must be intertwined with strategic thinking and an understanding of psychology to be able to emotionally influence audiences.

Example Image #24Our filmmakers are conscious and emotionally intelligent, and bring this skill to delivering attention grabbing video footage. These attributes are essential to understanding audiences and positioning video to deliver the most effective message in order to grow your company or brand.

Story Development is something that Purposeful Films, part of Purposeful Ventures group can craft for your organization or company. This process often uncovers distinguishing qualities within your company, and/or opportunities to bring to life with an emotionally engaging video production.


Production work rooted with a strategy in mind, along with experience and techniques saves time and money.

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With our goal of maximizing on the use of budget and producing work at the highest level, we work with trusted professionals in collaboration to deliver a workflow that is cost-effective and of the highest quality.

We can offer a number of professional video production services to clients supporting your project requirements:


  • 1. Producers
  • 2. Directors
  • 3. Directors of Photography
  • 4. Camera Operators
  • 5. Editor
  • 6. Animators (2D & 3D)
  • 7. Music Composer
  • 8. Voice Over Artists
  • 9. Colorists
  • 10. Production Assistants


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The success of your video is completely tied to distribution. Therefore, strategies on multiple platforms and channels are a requirement to maximize outreach.

Example Image #24The relationships we have developed with our Producers and our digital strategy experience including: cinema, television, and of course online, keep us committed to video distribution because we know it is a crucial piece of the puzzle for video success to happen.

Whether you want to connect to our 4,500+ global connections, run a global cinema campaign, a Google video Adword Campaign, or a SKY TV AdSmart Campaign, we can support you to target your audience with pinpoint accuracy.


Views and reviews are not enough. Customer engagement is required for a video to be a successful tool to influence a buying decision.

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With average attention spans being short online, under 10seconds, video is a meaningful part of a online marketing strategy to increase customer engagement. We don’t just analyze video views vs advertising spend, we analyze viewing data. This way we can make edits to uploaded videos, and repurpose video content into campaigns to increase engagement.

Forbes recently published an article that provided statistics from Hubspot on video engagement marketing suggesting:

  • 1. Video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic by 2017
  • 2. Using the word video in an email subject line increases open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%
  • 3. Cisco projects video content will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2017
  • 4. An Animoto survey revealed 76.5% of small business owners and marketeers say video has a direct impact on their business
  • 5. Consumers are four times more likely to watch a product video than read about it
  • 6. More than 60% of small business owners and marketers expressed they are planning to increase investment in video marketing in 2017