DATAtainment Video Example
  • SAVE MONEY – Rather than Pay Big Agency Fees
  • SAVE MONEY – Use Stock Footage & Animation
  • SAVE MONEY – No Filming Time Needed
  • SAVE MONEY – Produce High Quality Videos at Speed
  • Fixed Priced Animated Explainer Video Options
  • Highly Experienced, Expert Script Writing Support
  • Secure Money Back Guarantee for Quality of Work
  • 100% Rights of Video Ownership Provided
  • Brand Appropriate Motion Graphic Videos
  • Take Explainer Videos to the Next Level
  • Downsize your Text to a Powerful Video
  • Increase your Conversion Rates
1 SAVE MONEY – Rather than Pay Big Agency Fees

Purposeful Films is a lean, smart, hard working video production company. We are committed to providing you with city quality work and services, at out of town prices.

2 SAVE MONEY – Use Stock Footage & Animation

You can produce, change or transform your video content quickly by working with us, making testing more rapid, to move your video content constantly toward achieving engagement.

3 SAVE MONEY – No Filming Time Needed

With our stock video library, animation and motion graphic skills we can produce a video for you without expensive or time consuming filming time.

4 Full Service Video Production Company

If you feel your platform is ready for a big commercial, or you need a specific shot or footage in an animated video commercial, we can handle that too.

5 Fixed Priced Animated Explainer Video Options

We offer all inclusive packages that include: consultation time, expert script writing support, animation and stock footage, voice over, sound effects and music, all included.

6 Expert Script Writing Support

Our team has produced over 2,000 videos in 29 countries. We help you write your script to deliver the right message in the right way, to your demographic.

7 Brand Appropriate Animated, Motion Graphic Videos

We do not produce cheesy explainer videos. We produce powerful, brand appropriate explainer videos at commercial level to engage your demographic, and instill trust and competency in your company/brand.

8 Secure Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to excellence and so guarantee the quality of our work. If your video quality is perceived as poor quality, we return your payment.

9 Revisions & Testing

Our first drafts are outstanding, we then provide two rounds of revisions at no additional cost, then encourage testing and using data to measure and improve your video engagement.

10 100% Rights of Video Ownership

We send you the final HD files upon approval of your video project. You own the rights to your video and so can use, post and repurpose wherever you choose.

11 Rapid Communication

No waiting for emails or tel calls, our team responds to emails, or tel calls with our rapid customer service policy Mon-Sat, (we take Sundays off to rest).

12 We Set the Bar High

We are not interested in being a B Team and neither should you. We have high standards and want to WORK TO ENGAGE. This is our mission.

13 Increasing Video Engagement with Analytics

For an additional charge, we can track and measure your video engagement using software, tracking methods and analytics to analyze and improve your customer journey of engagement.

14 Customer Satisfaction

We strive for excellence as a company. We want our work to make a difference to your business and we want to build respectful, long-term relationships. This for us, is what it’s all about.


With professional editing equipment recently becoming incredibly powerful, we know high-quality animated, and motion graphic videos can be produced by us with our professional skills to suit any branding or marketing needs, and so should you.

Animated Video, Motion Graphic Based Budgets and Requesting a Quote

To find out more or to request a quote, please call 415 408 8549 or email . We look forward to hearing from you.

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No doubt, it is the age of video marketing. It brings life to your marketing strategy. It opens up opportunities to influence your target customers authentically. It helps small business owners to establish a long-term relationship with the target group. Moreover, video marketing helps to convey your brand message more efficiently and increases the effectiveness of your overall marketing. No wonder that 51.9% of marketing experts agree that video marketing gives you the best ROI. We are a video production company in West Palm Beach and Miami but we work nationwide in the US.