Purposeful Films

Conscious, Cost-Effective Filmmaking

At Purposeful Films, we believe in consciously evaluating and modifying our behavior, our working and filmmaking environment, our use of filmmaking products and equipment.  By working consciously, our aim is produce films for clients minimizing wastage of time, travel and effort, making them more sustainable on the environment, and more cost-effective and better for our clients.  We are purposefully driven to be the best we can, for ourselves, for our clients and we want to work hard for conscious companies and clients to make the world a better place in which to live.

Purposeful Films that put people and the planet first, are the way forward.

We live at a time when we need to evaluate our needs and our practices, to positively influence sustainability and humanity, not just profitability or outcomes.

The traditional filmmaking process has been for years:

1) Pre-Production
2) Actual Shooting/Filming
3) Post-Production Editing

For bigger budget productions this way of working is a MUST, but most small businesses just don’t have the time or budgets for ‘small talk’.  This was one of the reasons we created Purposeful Films.  We know clients today want to be able to understand and reduce costs, they want to save time, they want to be involved in the creative process and they want quality too.

We are experienced at working with the traditional tried and tested method of filmmaking, BUT we also have a vast amount of experience in filming live events, so we know what will work and what will NOT work and so can produce short films of high quality with collaborative and conscious clients.  So, for smaller companies we can produce better work on lower budgets, with very little pre-production time.  For example, this was produced with next to no pre-production planning or meeting time. We simply agreed to film Vinny and he agreed to ‘work with and trust our expertise’.  One of our team produced this short film in its entirety in a little over a day.

ADDRESS: 1000 5TH ST SUITE #200, W3, MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139
TEL: 561 512 0914
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