Corporate Responsibility

We believe in corporate social responsibility and embrace opportunities to take on social and environmental responsibilities with a goal to providing a positive impact on society, the environment and planet earth.

Video can be more than sales, conversion rates, or ROI. Video, if crafted well can help people to learn the truth about an important matter, so much so that a person can feel an issue more deeply than ever before. Video can tell the truth, get to the  heart of a matter very quickly, and engage an audience emotionally.

So, how is your company, or organization performing or outreaching with video? Do you need to inspire the public with a socially responsible or environmentally educational video, or tell an important story that has an impact, and needs to be shared with the world?

Purposeful Films can help you to produce the video you need to at the highest level possible, not just technically, with genuine care and commitment, to tell your story to the best of our ability. We automatically offer 10% off on all video campaigns for registered charities and non-profits.

Top-Rated Google Review Company for Video Production in West Palm Beach and Miami

No doubt, it is the age of video marketing. It brings life to your marketing strategy. It opens up opportunities to influence your target customers authentically. It helps small business owners to establish a long-term relationship with the target group. Moreover, video marketing helps to convey your brand message more efficiently and increases the effectiveness of your overall marketing. No wonder that 51.9% of marketing experts agree that video marketing gives you the best ROI. We are a video production company in West Palm Beach and Miami but we work nationwide in the US.

You might assume video marketing is an easy task with iPhone and iPad videos all over YouTube. However, the fact is it requires professional equipment and professional experience to create videos that give you the desired benefits. There is no camera that can film the right shot yet without an operator, and there is no editing software yet that creates great films, that is why we are here!

Reach out, even if you just want to talk through an idea. We are a business, but we want to make a difference to businesses and clients, with a good conscience.