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Forthcoming Apple Video Streaming Service

Among the huge news pieces, included the news of Oprah Winfrey pairing up with Apple to produce a fresh series of content for Apple’s forthcoming video streaming service. Partnerships like this will redesign the streaming video landscape; however, it might not be sufficient to depose Netflix, the present king of streaming.

What would perhaps seize the supplier of shows like House of Cards and Daredevil, however, would be in case Apple targets a lesser price point or if Apple shoves ahead with making the service free for users of Apple TV.

Although both situations sound rather far-fetched, the company that wished you pay a fee to include the proper meta tags to your music library is Apple. Some sources suggest said it is precisely what the Cupertino, California-based company is preparing.

A TV executive who talked to Apple told Peter Kafka of Recode that the company has plans of selling a separate subscription to its original video shows, priced below Netflix.

In the USA, the basic plan of Netflix costs $7.99 monthly. The Standard is priced at $10.99 monthly, and the Premium costs $13.99 monthly. The similar plan costs Rs 500, Rs 650 and Rs 800 in India.

Apple hired the former executives of Sony Pictures, Jamie Erlitch and Zack last year to direct the company’s video programming. It is expected that Apple will spend $4.2 billion in original programming by 2020 and that includes $1 billion in 2018.

Recode inquired insiders and analysts in a report this weekend what they envisage for the still unknown streaming service. An answer predicted the approaching of a super bundle including the streaming service, Apple Music, and Apple Care for 1price. Another foretold that the new streaming service of Apple will cost less than Netflix i.e., less than $11 monthly.

The last calculation, and the one that appears the least like Apple, is that content on the forthcoming streaming service would be presented for free by virtue of it being included in Apple’s TV application which comes installed on all tvOS and iOS devices.

Will You Get Free Content From Apple?

Insiders say the logic behind making content free is to make the hub more attractive to users, potentially increasing subscription figures to 3rd-party streaming services as a result.

On paper the idea makes sense. It cites to offer free content that is just viewable in Apple’s TV App. It is done so to allow more people to go there every day and thus offer a new platform to Apple to hawk advertisements and subscription services.

However, when you think of the history of a company of giving away first-party content, it falls apart.

The thing that makes the most sense is a lower-cost model likened to where Netflix started years ago prior to becoming a font of creative talent. A lesser price point may bring plenty of subscribers to the table and more customers might feel a lesser price point is more justified if Apple does not have much fresh content ready to go up at launch.

Final Note

Apple is not ready to go public with its plans just yet whatever the case may be. The yet to be launched Apple’s on-demand video subscription service will fight with Netflix that has over 125 million paid subscribers internationally. This year the Netflix streaming giant anticipates spending about $8 billion on original content. Barack Obama, Ex- American President lately signed an agreement with Netflix to make a broad range of content on the streaming platform.

When it comes to dominating the streaming business, a service that is cheaper than Netflix isn’t Apple’s only option.

We will simply have to wait to see how much Oprah’s new show is going to set us back.

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