Online Programs

Purposeful Films and Digital Media has a track record in Learning Management Systems (LMS). We are skilled in building, curating content, repackaging IP, managing, marketing and developing sales (landing pages, email strategies, tel. call structures) for clients using a variety of LMS software platforms. Our work is now educating people in 45 countries. One of our global projects:

An LMS typically delivers and manages instructional or educational content, tracks progress and the assessment of student work. However, they can also be used for improving staff training and tracking compliance, as well as maximizing on company staff training outreach, while lowering administrative and training costs, due to the nature of LMS software.

We can provide you with:

  • Custom Branding
  • Full LMS Program Creation Including:
    • Full Video Production Services
    • Full Design Services
    • UX Design
  • Full Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Sales Development