When we talk about B2B marketing strategy, videos play a prominent role. As of now, there are not many brands that use video marketing in its best possible way and leverage its benefits. More to it, brands that use video marketing to convey their brand message do not exploit the possibilities of video SEO. Hence, the content will hardly reach their prospective group.

We are coming to this point. For your video content to reach the right target group, your video SEO should be pragmatic enough. Therefore, you need to apply proper SEO strategies to your video campaigns to gain long-term traffic and maximize on ROI.

Wondering how video SEO can be entailed? Well, our super-smart search engines are not intelligent enough to interpret words spoken in videos. Therefore, you need to make the search engines understand the context a bit. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Maximize the use of text underneath your video. Include relevant text underneath your video will allow the search engines to index it.

  • Put the video, as well as the transcript in one page.

  • Top level executives prefer to read rather than watching a video. To cater to their needs, have strong content that explains your brand message.

  • Make sure your video is uploaded in Youtube as well. YouTube is the king of online video for B2B videos.

  • Avoid any formatting mistakes like using Flash. It is never SEO-friendly and outdated almost in the B2B marketing scenario.

Strategies to employ in Video SEO

Apart from the above mentioned tips, there are a few strategies that every B2B marketer should know in order to maximize ROI in video marketing. Here we have listed 4 simple strategies that will increase your brand reach to your targeted B2B buyers.

Know the relevance of text content

Here’s a golden rule regarding video marketing. When you add more text to the video, you give more information to the search engines. This way, your video is going to be placed on top of search engine page results when relevant searches happen. Therefore, the probability of reaching the target group is higher. Check these simple tips which you can follow to create a better impact using videos:

  • Include titles captions, scene descriptions, names of people etc. along with the simple tags you use.

  • Ensure better off-page experience to the user as well as the search engines. Apart from including relevant text to Youtube or landing pages, you should be able to attract more viewers through other channels. For example, publish content on social media that encourages people to watch the video.

  • When you write blogs, mention about the video and provide the link. Describe in the blog that the video contains the relevant information that interests the reader.

Be creative

Well, many of B2B marketers believe in the notion that B2B marketing content cannot be as engaging as B2C marketing content. The fact is B2B buyers also get attracted by creative and engaging content similar to B2C buyers. If you add a pinch of creativity, the video would attract more viewers. No matter how dry the topic is, you can make it interesting using creativity.

Testing matters

There are minute details outside the actual content that makes the video content successful. For example, you can do A/B testing to find the best titles and thumbnails and improve the engagement. A/B tests based on your company page or even Youtube page can help to determine the best KPI’s so that you can adjust the titles accordingly.

To wind up, all we aim to say is create a solid strategy for your video marketing and thus maximize the ROI.