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Documentaries have the Power to Make a Difference Essure: Netflix’s 2018 Documentary

Several years after the initial reports of the perilous effects of Essure, a birth control device and days before a Netflix documentary about the device drops, Bayer, the manufacturer of Essure made a statement that the company will stop selling the controversial implant.

Why has Essure been pulled from the market?

As per Bayer’s statement, the company pulled the device from the market as it was making poor sales.

There are many factors that contributed to declining interest in Essure among women in the U.S. said, Bayer. It included a decrease in the use of permanent contraception overall, increased dependence on other birth control options, and inexact and misleading publicity about the device.

Bayer also added that their decision to discontinue the sale of the product is solely for business reasons and not any safety concerns.

Despite facing about 16,000 lawsuits from women who claimed they experienced negative effects after its use that included chronic and excessive pain, organ perforation, and unintended pregnancies, the company have maintained for years that Essure is safe.

For those who are not familiar with Essure, it is a kind of metal coil which is implanted in the Fallopian tubes. It can block the sperm and save unwanted pregnancies.

The Timing is Hard to Ignore

The Bleeding Edge which is a documentary about medical devices that went wrong uses Essure as the main example, drops on July 27 2018. Essure was pulled out from the market on July 20.

Indiewire wrote that the documentary has a great chance to enlighten more people who have been or might be deceived. The documentary is not entirely about Essure. It focuses on some medical devices that have brought major complications. It includes vagical mesh and hip replacements. However, Essure is outlined as a poster example of good intentions gone wrong. The Bleeding Edge has been described by the Hollywood Reporter as a terrifying eye-opener.

Bayer has had a horrible year with Essure

If you take Essure into consideration, Bayer has suffered a particularly horrible year. The birth control device has been pulled or withdrawn from all countries outside of the United States where it had been offered including Canada, the U.K., and the Netherlands.

The FDA made its announcement that it would be restricting sales of Essure in the month of April, to make sure that every woman who considers it is fully aware of the risks. In this case, restricting sales means only sale of the device to facilities that concurred to review a checklist laid down with patients and doctors. However, that being said, the FDA is of the opinion that the benefits of the device outweigh its risks.

Essure has become a buzzword for unanticipated complications once talked about as the only contraceptive device on the market that is there to stay. There exists a growing community of Essure-affected women on Facebook and other social media sites who gather together to share their experiences. Nearly 30,000 women filed formal reports with the FDA between 2002 and 2017, complaining of unfavorable effects after using Essure.

The Bottom Line

No one has any way of knowing whether Bayer’s discontinuation of Essure had something to do with The Bleeding Edge though the timing is just too hard to ignore. All you can do is to conduct your own research and have detailed discussions with your doctor before committing to a type of birth control, in fact before committing to any new prescription. You can never be too careful or too informed.

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